About This Resource Page

As stewards of Federal funds, the Employment and Training Administration takes the responsibility to train its grantees seriously. This is especially true in today’s economy where the need to help Americans obtain the skills they need to find and retain jobs is great.

Currently, as budgets shrink and the demands on services and systems increase, there is an ever increasing need for technical assistance on the financial and performance management of grants as well as fiscal and performance reporting. To optimize resources, time and grantee needs, ETA has developed a wide array of on-line training materials and other resources covering financial and performance management. This Resource page was to be a central location for all of the online training materials related to financial and administrative management and performance for ETA grants.

The resources provided on this site are intended to help ETA grantees maximize their Federal investments by providing in-depth, interactive, hands-on training on some of the major areas of focus related to financial and administrative management and grant performance in a self-paced environment. The information contained here will help grantees be successful in obtaining the outcomes they have committed to achieve, reporting those outcomes, and at the same time complying with the Federal requirements in their grant award.

Online training is meant to complement, not replace, ETA’s ongoing technical assistance and guidance provided through grantee conferences, live webinars, guidance letters, one-on-one training sessions and grant monitoring and oversight activities performed across the country by ETA staff. Grantees are encouraged to regularly consult with their Federal Project Officer (FPO) for their questions about their grant activities.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.